A little cold snap

Yesterday’s cold snap (and snow) reminded me of this article I found on CNN back in February. Click here: https://www.cnn.com/2019/02/02/us/new-york-federal-prison-no-heat/index.html

A Federal Prison in NY State lost power on a Thursday and said it wouldn’t be repaired until the following Monday. What that meant for inmates is sporadic heat and power. Officials visiting the prison claimed there were no lights in the cells and the temperature was dipping into the high 40’s.

Last Saturday I camped out in my backyard in preparation for a summer camping trip. The low that night dipped into the 40’s. My wife did leave the porch light on and I had a key to come back inside the house at any time.

Do the inmates have a case for an eighth amendment violation (cruel & unusual punishment)? Maybe? Probably not as long as prison officials can show they were working diligently to restore power. But, seriously, where are the generators or backup power or PLAN?


How much is enough?

Those of you who’ve taken Sociology of Punishment & Corrections from me may remember a documentary entitled “What I Want My Words To Do To You.” It was a story about a women’s writing group in a maximum security prison (Bedford Hills) in New York State. Click HERE to watch the movie trailer.

One of the women in this documentary was Judith Clark who was sentenced to 75 years to Life for Murder (click HERE for more info). Judith was paroled this week after doing 40 years. I’m wondering if you believe 40 years was enough time for her crimes committed (be sure to read the article about her case)

Don’t be a Duck!

I spent 9 years at UW-W as the department’s internship coordinator. As such, I’ve spoken with numerous students going into the adul/juvenile corrections field. One of the most frequently talked about concerns was “being conned by offenders.” No matter whether your working in juvenile or adult corrections (and even students heading into law enforcement positions) this is a genuine concern. A good part of the tension lies between wanting to genuinely assist offenders in improving their lives and getting too attached. Click HERE and review this article on the topic.


Nice time of rest?!?!

I hope everyone got a bit of rest over spring break. I’m know that many of you work outside of school, but at least you didn’t have to read any juvenile delinquency chapters;)

Last, week I traveled to the Upper Peninsula (UP) and spent the week at a cabin next to Lake Superior. We’ve been traveling to the Rock Cut Cabin for many years now and love it. You can rent it by clicking HERE. The UP is a beautiful place and Marquette is a very nice city. Below are some pictures I took:

Yesterday we hiked a short segment of the Ice Age Trail in the Kettle Moraine. Perfect day for a hike.

For this week’s post, share something fun you did your break.

Sucker, er, I mean, Soccer Punch?

I readily admit that I’m not a soccer fan. I don’t have any ill-will toward the sport; rather, I’ve just never followed it. So it may/may not be surprising to hear that a fan jumped out onto the field of a pro soccer game and punched one of the visiting players in the back of the head. Read the article by clicking HERE

Like I said, maybe this kind of stuff happens alot in professional soccer games. It just seems ridiculous to me. First, whomever is in charge of security at this venue should be fired. Period. The fact that his guy was able to run all the way from the stands and onto the field (which is very wide) is crazy. Secondly, the guy who has been arrested should NEVER be able to enter a professional soccer game for the rest of his life. I mean, if you can’t control your anger at a SPORTING EVENT, then, well, I don’t just know…

Now, I’m not saying this guy should spend a year in jail, although there should be a criminal sanction.


A Lucrative Independent Study?

This week’s story (click HERE for video) focuses on a professor who allegedly stole a drug formula from a student during a university research project. Apparently it was a creative formula as it is estimated to be worth upwards of 10 million in royalties. The professor claims that the formula was already under patent when the student came to work on the project. But it’s serious enough for the university to file a suit against the professor. Seems like a pretty complex case to me. Thoughts?

Juvenile Justice System

This week’s article (click HERE) focuses on Dane County’s juvenile justice system. It seems that that the major stakeholders (judges, prosecutor, police chief, etc.) have differing ideas about what should be done about problems with troubled youth in the County. What are your thoughts about their opinions?

Anthony Weiner Released

Today, former congressman Anthony Weiner was released three months early from Federal Prison for his conviction of Sexting with a Minor. Weiner was sentenced to 21 months for this crime and will live in a halfway house over the next several months, register as a sex offender, and be on probation for 3 years. Click HERE to view the article. Not familiar with this case? Click HERE for a short CNN article

What do you think about the release? Too early? Just right?