Do. Not. Condone. It.

Monday , 28, March 2022 8 Comments

Not sure how many watched last night’s video from the Oscars where Will Smith slapped Chris Rock after Rock made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith’s partner. Here is the VIDEO as well as the commentary from members of The View. I’ve been a fan of the Oscars for years as I’m a big movie fan. That said, I didn’t watch the Oscars last night as Alexandrea and I hadn’t seen alot of the nominated films due to COVID. And I’m a fan of Will Smith’s acting. But his actions last night were wrong.

Watch the video and the 4 women’s comments on the video.


8 thoughts on “ : Do. Not. Condone. It.”
  • Abigail Hendrix says:

    I agree that the situation should have been handled much differently. It was extremely bold of him to do that in front of the audience and on live television. As they said on “The View,” it was good that Chris Rock went on with the show rather than escalating things further.

  • Jenna Roesler says:

    Personally, I don’t like to get too opinionated with celebrity affairs because the public only knows so much. My facebook feed is full of people fighting back and fourth, about whether Chris or Will is in the right, about whether the whole thing was staged (which I don’t believe), whether Jada and Will’s relationship is toxic, whether this is a bigger issue about black men defending black women, etc. I don’t condone violence almost 100% of the time (unless it feels very justified). I don’t think hitting him in the face, at a public award show was the right thing to do. You can stand up for your wife without assaulting someone and risking losing an Oscar. Sunny made a lot of good points in comparing if it was one of our children at school they’d be suspended for that. But I also agree with Whoopi that Will must have been at a boiling point and that’s why I mentioned I don’t know of any background details enough to have a super sure opinion.

  • Logan Braasch says:

    There has been lots of talk of this incident making “history” while the AMPAS proceeds to condemn the actions of the Oscar-winning actor. Smith had tears in his eyes at the acceptance speech yet he seemed sarcastic when saying he was the “crazy father” and “love will make you do crazy things.” One of The View’s hosts, Joy Behar, had the most logical response out of all The View’s hosts; she stated that if Smith had “walked off,” it would have been the most appropriate response. Additionally, The View host, Sunny Hoston, mentions that Chris Rock was the person to take the “high road” in his response—while Ana Navarro reminds us this incident was a crime. At first, it was not clear whether it was horseplay or an intentional assault; nevertheless, once Will Smith sat back down—that is when we all knew Smith meant harm as he started yelling expletives. Hoston also mentions how it is a key message we try to indoctrinate to our children: to not hit or strike anyone. Will Smith, I’m sure, has many fans globally. The last thing the world needs right now is an Academy Award winning actor inciting violence. Although it appears Chris Rock was not aware that Jada Pinkett Smith’s hair style was a way of battling the difficult disease alopecia areata (which causes hair loss), Whoopi Goldberg seemed to rationalize Smith’s actions a bit more than the rest of The View’s hosts. Goldberg stated that Smith “overreacted” under pressure and “behaved badly.” Goldberg admits she has “behaved badly” too.

  • Cailey Russell says:

    I think both Will Smith and Chris Rock were in the wrong. Yes, Chris Rock is a comedian, but they have to know when to use that title in public areas. If he was at his own show where people went there to see him, then the joke would have been fine, because that is his show and his jokes. They decided to go there and watch Chris Rock. This was not the case at the Oscars. They did not go there to see him; he was just a guest there. That was not the time and the place to make jokes like that. Will Smith should not have acted that way, however. Many women are shaving their head, and Chris Rock could have been unaware of her situation. What Will did took that heat off what Chris said and make Will look bad, rather than just Chris. Chris handled that situation, after Will hit him, very well. He went back to being professional and moved on with the awards show.

  • Lindsay Paulus says:

    I also think that both Will Smith and Chris Rock were wrong in the situation. While Chris Rock is a comedian, there is still a line that is crossed if a joke goes too far. Especially when it was said that much of a public setting where the whole country will be able to see and hear it. But, Will Smith could have handled the situation much differently. He did not need to resort to physical violence to get his point across. But I do agree with what they said on The View about how it is good that Chris went on hosting the show without further making things worse.

  • Emma Ciriacks says:

    I do not agree with Will Smith’s actions and definitely agree that he could have handled the situation a lot better. There were better ways to defend his wife than assaulting Chris Rock, like said in the video, he could have got up and walked away for a second to take a break and calm down. I also agree with another point brought up in the video that once you become a celebrity, you are putting yourself out there publicly for commentary and jokes. Jada shaved her head on during a live on instagram where everyone had the option to watch and leave comments. Also since Will Smith is a role model for many and many kids even like his as an actor, for him to use violence on national tv, in a way, promotes it.

  • Rachel Sluga says:

    I dont have much to comment on this, but some jokes go too far and the quote “wrong place wrong time” greatly applies here.

  • Jenna Onley says:

    I think that Will and Chris were both in the wrong. In Chris’s defense he didn’t know that Jada has Alopecia. But then again some jokes go too far and this was not a place for that joke. I was surprised that Chris stayed on stage and continued to talk after what Will did. Will definitely could of handled the situation differently but I also feel like it was kind of spur of the moment that he went up there to smack Chris.

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