Author: pgregory

Day 72 Gratitude

Today is Friday so Alex and I have 7 days remaining before we head back home. Today it was raining when I woke, which is abnormal for GL. The clouds are really low and hide the mountain tops, which make for a somewhat ominous scene. The temperature is 55 degrees […]

Day 68 Gratitude

A little less than 2 weeks left in GL. We’re having such a great time. We’ve met new friends, visited new places, etc. Alex completed the Granby Gut Buster 5k. I recently completed a short article on meditation and pain (click HERE to view it. If you like it, click […]

Day 21 Gratitude

Its been a nice couple of days here in the mountains. Alex and I spent the day in Frisco, CO, which is a hub of activities (skiing, cycling, kayaking, hiking, etc.). We picked up a Gopro attachment for Alex’s bike (will hopefully post some video of her rides soon) and […]