April 2022

Summer COVID Plans?

24 Apr , 2022 Uncategorized

NOTE: This will be the last post for spring 2022. So what are your plans for summer 2022? Going to the cottage on the lake for weekends? Some hiking at Devil’s Lake? Or maybe a trip out of state for a long weekend (shop till ya drop)? My family spend the summer in Grand Lake, […]

“Houston, we have a problem…”

18 Apr , 2022 Uncategorized

I’m finishing my sixteenth year as an academic and criminologist and I’ve got to say I’m getting pretty tired of blogging about mass shootings. I mean we’ve got to do something about this issue. We’ve got to do something significant in order to create big change. This is a societal (USA) problem that requires us […]

Better late than never

10 Apr , 2022 Uncategorized

This week’s blogpost focuses on a report that a serial killer was recently identified after 30 years. Yes, you read that correctly-30 years later. Wow. Apparently known as the I-65 killer, the man, now deceased, was identified through genealogy and DNA evidence, which is pretty interesting. Nice and interesting article. There’s also a video to […]

Religion, Death Row, and SCOTUS

3 Apr , 2022 Uncategorized

This week’s topic focuses on the US Supreme Court’s recent 8-1 ruling regarding the process for executing death row inmates in the State of Texas. The ARTICLE focuses on Ramirez v Collier, a case that involved a death row inmates request to have his pastor lay hands on him and pray out loud during his […]