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Thought it might be cathartic to document my experience of social distancing (S.D.). Maybe I’ll learn something, right?

Honestly, the fact that I’ve spent the overwhelming majority of the past week at home hasn’t really proved unique. It sorta feels like a really lousy spring break or the beginning of a semester break. However, that’s not even true because I worked my ass off this past week trying to transition to working remotely. However, thinking how this is going to be the norm for the time being HAS BEEN weird.

I’ve unfortunately been thinking too much about scarcity in regards to food and such. We’ve stocked on food items (maybe 2 or so weeks worth) and are going to only venture out to the store once per week at most (that’s the plan). Still the scarcity thing is always somewhere in the “back of my head.” Just being honest.

I’ve made it a goal to walk everyday as long as it’s not raining. And let me tell you, this is hard for me. It’s SOO much easier to simply sit and do work all day (I’ve got plenty of that) or surf the Internet. But I plan to work hard to maintain this one, as it’s really important for my health.

Another goal I have while S.D’ing is to complete tasks around our home. And wow, have I got alot of those:) LOTS of spring cleaning to do. The garage, our shack (an outbuilding on our property that has become THE #1 place to store any and everything), basement, etc. Yesterday, I worked on our back porch and my basement study. I figured my study should be a priority since I’m going to be working from there a minimum of 5 days per week.

For good or bad, smart or stupid, I’m not watching or reading news services, as doing so tends to freak me out. I normally logon to once per day. Honestly all the COVID-19 numbers (#’s contracted virus, # dead due to virus, etc.) just packs on the anxiety. But hey, if that works for you then great! I’m gonna pass.

Anyway, this is the end of my first week S.Ding. I’ll post on Sundays each week. I’m not trying to build a brand or anything; rather just writing it down for myself.

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