Big Meadows

Wednesday , 17, July 2019 1 Comment

Last week I finally made it out to Big Meadows. Starting from the Visitor’s Center, I hiked about 8.5 miles (round trip) with an elevation gain of 736 feet. I previously hiked parts of this trail, but hadn’t made it up to the meadows. Which was beautiful!

The weather was lovely and there was a nice breeze. The trip up to the meadows was quiet, while the return was pretty packed with people (gotta get out early if you want a little solitude).

Like its name implies, the meadow was expansive. No idea how large the actual meadow is, but the park lists a north and south meadow (I didn’t hike to the south meadow, which was another .5 miles). I stopped for a quick lunch and enjoyed the beautiful grasses, flowers, butterflies, trees, and stream. Really was nice! I also saw several moose, a marmot and some chipmunks. Altogether it was definitely worth the wait.

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  • Kenny G says:

    Beautiful landscape!

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