Anthony Weiner Released

Monday , 18, February 2019 11 Comments

Today, former congressman Anthony Weiner was released three months early from Federal Prison for his conviction of Sexting with a Minor. Weiner was sentenced to 21 months for this crime and will live in a halfway house over the next several months, register as a sex offender, and be on probation for 3 years. Click HERE to view the article. Not familiar with this case? Click HERE for a short CNN article

What do you think about the release? Too early? Just right?

11 thoughts on “ : Anthony Weiner Released”
  • Erin Jensen says:

    Honestly, I am not surprised. He is a wealthy white man and former politician…did anyone think he was going to serve his full term? There is an odd precedent in this country with men of his demographic…Also, there are incredibly lenient sentencing for sex crimes. You get more prison time for having 5 grams of cocaine than you do for sexual assault…I think that “sexting” a minor is only the surface of what this man has done to women; what he has been sentenced for is not what he has all done. I do not think that prison or a halfway house can reform sexual predators… I think he should have gotten more time and actually served all of it. Let some of the minor drug dealers out and let this bougie, misogynist piece of garbage sit in a cell.

  • Kate Bennett says:

    I have been struggling with this question since it was posted 12 hours ago. As a parent that is way too lenient. If I was that child’s mother I would be livid. As Erin posted, a white, upper-class, male with political influence serves the minimum and is sentence with leniency… I am not surprised. Sex offender laws are still too weak and have not caught up to the world of cyber safety. He is not sorry for his actions, he is sorry that he got caught. He takes advantage of his position of power and showed remorse only to gain sympathy and public forgiveness. He will continue to be a sexual predator, in spite of “top notch treatment and therapy”. I guarantee that this is not the last we hear of his abuse and misconduct.

  • Jared Dixon says:

    I too find it no surprise that he was released early. Weiner has showed multiple times that he is a sexual predator that isn’t going to stop, even after being caught once did it again. If he wasn’t a politician and was a blue-collar guy, I bet he serves out his full sentence, and not at some minimum-security cupcake prison. After looking up FMCD it seems like a prison for the wealthy and people of big names or affiliations such as the mob or former congressmen. I think sexual predators should have to serve out their full respective sentence. With that being said, I still think they should be evaluated and treated for mental health issues as well as evaluated as if they can be reintegrated into society. Sexual predators should be held in civil confinement until it is deemed that they can be reintegrated back into society. I think the sentencing of 21 months was lenient, yet we have minor drug offenders serving ridiculous mandatory minimums. If the judge was only going to give him 21 months in prison, he should have tact on another 2 years making Mr. Weiner walk around New York city everyday for 8 hours wearing a sign saying what he did and that he’s a sexual predator. Hell, even pay the guy minimum wage to do it. I believe sentencing for sexual predators in this country is a joke and needs attention. From what I’ve read, sounds like Mr. Weiner is a perfect candidate to live his life up there at McNeil Island.

  • Kellie Effinger says:

    Anthony Wiener’s release after 21 months has a few caveats. He is required to register as a sex offender and is subject to 3 years of supervised release. This will help mitigate the chance of bad behavior over the next few years. However, because of Mr. Wiener’s past behavior, the release after 21 months comes off has soft. He has sent sexually explicit material to multiple women and one underage girl over a time span of several years. There remains little evidence that he has learned his lesson, and as a public figure, he will remain under heavy scrutiny. Because of this scrutiny, it’s imperative that his sentence did enough to ensure good behavior in the future.

  • Heejung Moon says:

    The early release of Anthony Weiner should not be a big surprise for anyone. Of course some maybe angrily surprised that a politician who has been sexting and sending explicit photos of himself to multiple women including a minor for years is already released. However, like many people already mentioned above, no one really believed that he would serve full time considering the fact that he is an upper class white men. I feel like 21 months from the beginning was not enough. Although he is required to be registered as a sex offender and is under 3 years of supervision upon release, we never know whether there is more that he did but we just did not get to find out about. Also, there is not a solid evidence that he had changed and is promised to not commit the same crime again. We can never be sure about what he will be doing after three years of supervision.

  • Emma Mocco says:

    Anthony Weiner getting released early does not surprise me at all. The thing that surprises me is that he didn’t get out even earlier than he did. Like some of the other’s said in previous comments mentioned; he is rich, he is white and he is a former politician. This is not surprising but it is extremely frustrating. It is not fair to other inmates who are in for less serious crimes, or someone who committed the same crime but had to do more time, it is completely unfair to the women and the MINOR he sent explicit photos too, this is unfair to the families of those who he hurt, and the list goes on. Yes, people will argue that he does has to register as a sex offender and he is being sent to a halfway house but I still do not think it is fair. This is still early in his release. Maybe he will even get off from those punishments that he received. He is privileged and it is showing clearly here.

  • Gracie Blechl says:

    He definitely used his position and his political power to sway others into releasing him early. I would like to say I’m thankful it’s only 3 months early not 6 months or something but 3 months can be a lot of time in prison to reflect and think. It is unfair and too early. At least he is still on probation and he got caught twice for sexting minors, so I’m hopeful that if he does it again he’ll get caught and sent back to jail, this time for a longer sentence.

  • Gina Gorman says:

    I think leniency has become the norm for white individuals, not just men, with money and political power. I personally think he should’ve received more than 21 months to begin with and three months early may not seem like that big of a deal if he had received more time. At least he will be living in a halfway house for awhile and he will be on extended supervision for three more years. I have seen how difficult life becomes for sex offenders when they reenter the community and to be honest, many of them receive a life sentence. Even if Weiner only has to register as a sex offender and has no other restrictions, life will not be easy for him. I just saw a sex offender this week that is on lifetime GPS. Can you even imagine what this would be like?

  • Karen says:

    What do you think about the release? Too early? Just right?

    When I was reading this article I was not surprised to see that he only got away with crime he committed. He’s a white, rich man that could get away with the crime. I feel like if it was a normal African American citizen they would of spent the maximum (or close to the maximum amount) of time that is required for a person that is found guilty for having inappropriate relationships with minors. Even though he is still registered as a sex offender and subjected to 3 years of supervised release, I do not think it was enough punishment for the crime he committed. I feel like our justice system can be so bias that it let rich and powerful people get away with almost any crime. Unlike people that are poor that get the short end of the stick.

  • jake heinen says:

    ahhhh, the American political sex scandal peaking around the corner again, and his name is, Wiener, tragic irony, or poetic justice? According to CNN in their timeline article, Congressman Anthony Wiener (D-NY) has had a LONG career of using his political status and power to gain what he believes is his. The man finds young girls, impressionable and sends explicit pictures to them. CNN also describes one of his pictures of him lying in bed next to his 4 year old child, presenting a bulge, not to forget the man is married and he is sending pictures to girls who are 15, 14 years old. The man is a sexual predator, he has been caught, begged for forgiveness, caught again, left off the hook, and now caught again, 21 months is not enough. He went through treatment and that had no effect on him, even the prosecutors said that he lacks the remorse and acknowledgement of what he is doing. They are letting him off easy due to his political status, they have their own “good ole boy” system in placed, if these lawmakers are to punish people who are not part of any political party affiliation, then they should start punishing those who make the laws and breaks them, puritans in public, perverts in private. 10-15 years, MAX sentencing, non of this 21 month bullshit.

  • Susie Brtkova says:

    I loved reading these comments and am glad to see we all seem to agree. I am also with Jared – McNeil Island seems like a good spot for this guy. Neither I am surprised that Weiner has been released early, not only because of his whiteness and status but also because I hear way too many times on podcasts that prisoners are being released left and right on good behavior all the time. For tremendous crimes!! So we can have room from pot smokers? It’s ridiculous. Weiner’s actions were detected, what? – a couple of times? We don’t know what all he’s done and we certainly don’t know that even as a sex offender, or after his three years of being watched, he will not go straight back about his business of getting off on internet interactions with minors.
    I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of Melvin Just, an individual from a white trailer park community, who abused the living hell out his two families over several years. He was sentenced to 13 years in prison for 12 counts of sexual molestation within the family. He served close to nine, with no follow up treatment or supervision. It is also believed he murdered a nurse/social worker who caught him in the act but there wasn’t enough evidence for that. But 13 years?? For straight-up sexual abuse? This was in 79 when sexual offense policies were much more lenient but even today I don’t see how Just would receive an adequate sentence. Sexual crimes are definitely something that needs closer attention and much harsher minimums.

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