Days 1,2 Gratitude

Sunday , 27, May 2018 1 Comment

Alex and I made it to Grand Lake. Grateful to have made the 1200 mile drive with only minor backaches. Yesterday we stayed around town, went grocery shopping and had pizza at Grand Pizza. I started reading the book Disobedient and we went over to Point Park, which sits on Grand Lake. Beautiful. So relaxing. The above picture was taken last night after dinner. We always take Sutton for a stroll around the boardwalk. I love this time of day, as the sun has gone down below the mountains enough where the mountains are black against the skyline. 

One thought on “ : Days 1,2 Gratitude”
  • Dad says:

    Thanks for all you do to make better the education of students. This time you take counseling students and meetings with staff and students is a credit to your profession. One day you will look back on your teaching experience and be very proud of your work and know that you had a fulfilling life in teaching and being a big part of furthering the education of young minds. Proud of you. Love you. Dad

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