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Just finished my 2nd week of social distancing. How did I fare? Well, within the last week, I’ve taken three 2.6-mile walks from my property and visited the grocery store once. I’ve been getting out of bed at around 7 am to eat breakfast, meditate, read a bit, and work (from home). I normally go to bed between 10:30 – 11 pm.


First, working from home is not what I thought. I’ve always imagined that working from home would be nice and easy, as one could sit in their pajamas, drink coffee all day, and work at a leisurely pace. This isn’t exactly how it’s worked for me. To begin with, I’ve found it hard to manage the boundaries of work and leisure. At first, I found myself working pretty much all day into the evening. A great deal of my job takes place on a computer so it is easy to see how the worlds of leisure and work could be blurred. By the end of this past week, I had to split locations of work and leisure. For me that meant doing work in my basement study and then transitioning to my living room for leisure. At least my surroundings for work and leisure were different. We’ll see how I fare with this arrangement in the coming weeks.

Impression #2: Fear is a real and hard emotion to regulate. I’ve never considered myself an overly obsessive type of person. Moreover, I’ve tried over the past two weeks to watch/read what I thought was a low-level of news surrounding COVID-19. But let’s face it, the Pandemic news is EVERYWHERE. And I get it on one level: we have to get the word out in order to respond in ways that will result in minimizing the horrid effect of the virus.

But the news coverage coupled with the death of a family friend (click HERE) due to COVID-19 resulted in a surprisingly strange and eery trip to the grocery store on Saturday. Alex and I had not planned to go to the grocery store till this coming Wednesday, but severe weather intervened. Sutton, our St. Pyreneese, is scared of thunder and lightening and we had run out of benadryl. So I ended up going out to the grocery store for benadryl and other things.

Now in our family, I’m the grocery shopper most of the time, so I’d “been there and done that” numerous times, but this 30-minute shopping spree suddenly took on a really weird vibe. Unbenonst to me, I became ubra-sensitve to touching just about everything. And halfway through my 30-minute spree, I was sweating nervously for some reason.

I’m probably not doing a good job of describing how weird of an experience it was so you’ll just have to trust me. TRANSLATION: So surprising how strange and distressing a normal event such as grocery shopping could be. We will see what SDWK#3 holds.

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  • Sherra says:

    I TOTALLY get you. Working from home is something I’ve been working on for the past 7-8 months and it’s STILL hard for me. The pandemic makes it harder and, for an extrovert like me who refreshes with others, it’s pretty depressing. We’ll make it, though!

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