Roaring Fork

Last week was my last time to campout this summer in CO. I decided to go back to Arapaho Bay’s Roaring Fork Campground, as it was so nice my first trip. Also, I didn’t hike 9+ miles the day I set up camp so I figured I’d enjoy it more:)

The pictures above show off my beautiful campsite facing the west, which provided me with spectacular views of the sunset (it did not disappoint).

Below are pictures of Monarch Lake, which was a 2 or so mile hike away from the campground. Altogether, it was another lovely overnight trip.

Big Meadows

Last week I finally made it out to Big Meadows. Starting from the Visitor’s Center, I hiked about 8.5 miles (round trip) with an elevation gain of 736 feet. I previously hiked parts of this trail, but hadn’t made it up to the meadows. Which was beautiful!

The weather was lovely and there was a nice breeze. The trip up to the meadows was quiet, while the return was pretty packed with people (gotta get out early if you want a little solitude).

Like its name implies, the meadow was expansive. No idea how large the actual meadow is, but the park lists a north and south meadow (I didn’t hike to the south meadow, which was another .5 miles). I stopped for a quick lunch and enjoyed the beautiful grasses, flowers, butterflies, trees, and stream. Really was nice! I also saw several moose, a marmot and some chipmunks. Altogether it was definitely worth the wait.

Cascade Falls

This past Tuesday I hiked to Cascade Falls. A 7.14 mile hike with a 672 mile elevation gain, this trail provided me a nice workout.

My trek began with a nice view of a good-sized moose. Her smaller partner was hiding behind some willows so I couldn’t catch any pics of them.

The trail was a mix of meadows and forest with lots of birds, squirrels, and an occasional marmot. It was particularly rocky in spots, which I don’t particularly enjoy, but the falls were really nice. I’m always surprised at the level of sound a water fall generates. I was sitting about 10 yards from two other hikers who were holding a conversation, but I could only see there mouths move, as the sound of the waterfall dominated all other sounds. I love the unique solitude created by waterfalls.

Cascade Falls is a nice hike for any person (if I can do it, anyone can). It is a heavily-used trail so this isn’t the one for you if you want some quiet. All in all, it was a great morning. Below are the pics from the hike.