Nice time of rest?!?!

Sunday , 31, March 2019 8 Comments

I hope everyone got a bit of rest over spring break. I’m know that many of you work outside of school, but at least you didn’t have to read any juvenile delinquency chapters;)

Last, week I traveled to the Upper Peninsula (UP) and spent the week at a cabin next to Lake Superior. We’ve been traveling to the Rock Cut Cabin for many years now and love it. You can rent it by clicking HERE. The UP is a beautiful place and Marquette is a very nice city. Below are some pictures I took:

Yesterday we hiked a short segment of the Ice Age Trail in the Kettle Moraine. Perfect day for a hike.

For this week’s post, share something fun you did your break.

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  • Kate Bennett says:

    This week, I took 3 of my AP Government students to Madison to meet with Governor Evers. They are completing research for their Seminar papers and spent the day interviewing lawmakers, a DNR official, the Sierra Club President, and the Executive Director of One Wisconsin Now. Yesterday, 10 of my AP Government students and I traveled to D.C. to complete their Seminar research. We toured Arlington National Cemetery and the Smithsonian Museums today. Students conduct 6-8 interviews outside of the scheduled interviews with US Senators Baldwin and Johnson, Representatives Pocan and Steil, Post writer Amy Goldstein, and representatives from the DNC and RNC. We will dine at The Willard Intercontinental and attend “Into the Woods” at Ford’s Theater. We will return home on Friday evening. Then one more week of classes until our Spring Break (FINALLY!!!!!!).

    All of this week’s work will be completed in coffee shops from the Nation’s Capital!

  • Kellie Effinger says:

    Over spring break, I went to Missouri with my family. We started in Jefferson City and toured the Missouri State Capitol. In addition, we toured the Missouri State Penitentiary. I thought it was really cool to see and I was able to understand some of the terms the tour guide used due to taking the Sociology of Punishment and Corrections course last semester. We then traveled to Springfield, MO to tour a Civil War battlefield. Our last stop was in Branson, MO, which was fun because we went to an amusement park and I had not been to one in a few years.

  • Susie Brtkova says:

    I didn’t do anything exciting this spring break. I already went to Mexico for a wedding earlier this year and have to go home to Europe for a few weeks when school is over. I babysat some kiddos to help their parents out while Madison was on spring break too so they didn’t have to take so much time off. I also went out a couple of times to catch up with some friends as I tend to not be very social when I do have school. Speaking of the UP though, I went camping there last year for the fall foliage – in the Porcupine Mountains. It was stunningly beautiful and I definitely want to go back. Highly recommend. Otherwise I just binge – listened to some podcasts and tried to relax. Ready to get back at it this week.

  • Erin Jensen says:

    This week I took two students to Monterey, California to present at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies Critical Issues Forum. The two students presented their yearlong work on how they believe they, as young adults, they could help limit risks and possibly end the use of nuclear weapons in our future world. We arrived back into the midwest at midnight this morning–sorry for the late post but I did not have access to my the internet from 5pm March 31st to about 2:30am this morning.
    We returned to school this morning–two more weeks and then we finally get spring break!

  • Gracie Blechl says:

    This spring break was filled with lots of family. I started it off in Egg Harbor with my boyfriend, then went to visit my grandma in Indiana with my mom. I ended it with spending the weekend with my 3 sisters. I did end up finally getting to play tennis outdoors for the first time this spring!

  • Gina Gorman says:

    I wish I could say that I traveled somewhere breathtaking, however, for me spring break is always a time to get caught up on life. My kids were in Florida so the house was nice and quite which was exciting. I did put in 40 hours at my internship which was nice since that was all l had to focus on without additional course work. I did take time to read a book, get caught up on my shows on the DVR, and submit some job applications which was exciting since it was the first time I’ve submitted any for the field I will be graduating from next month.

  • Karen Lopez says:

    Over break, I really did not do anything fun. I wish I would of gone somewhere but I just stayed home. I mostly only caught up on my sleep and watched Netflix. I also went shopping a few days of the week but that’s about it.

  • Karen Lopez says:

    Over break, I really did not do much, I wish I could of gone somewhere nice and beautiful but I just stayed home, slept, watched Netflix and ate. A couple days out of the week I did go shopping with my boyfriend but that’s about it.

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