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This week’s topic is a VIDEO focusing on climate change and what we can/can’t and should/shoudn’t do to help. Another disclaimer: this subject is one that I’m only recently becoming more passionate. For most of my years, it’s one that I simply didn’t think about. I think my recent (last 3-4 years) interest in camping, […]

I’m sure that this week’s post will not appeal to the majority of you, but hey, it’s my blog, right? The beginning of each semester, especially week’s 2 and 3 are stressful for me. The first week of class is introductions, many students add my class late, and everyone is getting their books for classes. […]

Full disclosure: my wife and I do not have children. We made the decision numerous years ago that we’d just do the cat and dog, not human type. I’ve always said the reason we decided not to have children was because we were selfish. We wanted to do what we wanted, when we wanted, etc. […]

Check back here this Sunday for my first weekly post of the spring 2022 semester!

Alex and I lost Sutton yesterday. The grief we are experiencing is still raw, as the loss was unexpected and too soon. We were laying with him when he passed, which was bitter sweet. I’m so glad we were there. As I sit in my study this morning, I wanted to write down some thoughts […]

Sunday wrapped up my 3rd week social distancing. Alex and I haven’t traveled anywhere since March 28th. Still spending alot of time getting caught up and with working remotely. I’m not near as envious of people who work remotely now that I’m doing it. I am learning how to better divide my work and personal […]

Just finished my 2nd week of social distancing. How did I fare? Well, within the last week, I’ve taken three 2.6-mile walks from my property and visited the grocery store once. I’ve been getting out of bed at around 7 am to eat breakfast, meditate, read a bit, and work (from home). I normally go […]

Thought it might be cathartic to document my experience of social distancing (S.D.). Maybe I’ll learn something, right? Honestly, the fact that I’ve spent the overwhelming majority of the past week at home hasn’t really proved unique. It sorta feels like a really lousy spring break or the beginning of a semester break. However, that’s […]

This has been a really weird and busy week. Not going to go into detail, as I think you know what I’m talking about. Anyway last weekend I got back out to Ottawa Lake Campground. However, this time I spent two nights there. It was good weather (a bit cold) and I got some really […]

I spent another night winter camping at Ottawa Lake Campground. I arrived at the campground around noon and secured a nice site overlooking Ottawa Lake. The nice weather had brought out numerous tent and RV campers so it wasn’t near as quiet as it was in January. Got some exercise walking around the campground and […]