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This is my third installment of McLean’s 5 essentials for successful meditation: Don’t try too hard. Forcing one’s self to have a certain experience (“I’m gonna sit here until I don’t have any thoughts”) when meditating is only going to create more thoughts. I love McLean’s example of trying to force oneself to go to […]

This summer I struck up a conversation with a friend about meditation. She was interested in meditating, confessing that she sorely needed to bring some calmness her chaotic life.” When I asked how meditation was going she said, “I tried it for a couple of days, but couldn’t keep it going.” I asked what kept […]

So I went camping this past Labor Day weekend at Oak Savannah Fields in Easty Troy. I found their campsite on the website You should check it out. Oak Savannah Fields is a part of Grassway Organics., which is an organic farm on about 400 acres and is beautiful. They have free-range chickens, cows, […]

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