Hike and Overnight Camp

Tuesday I went for a 9.6-mile hike and camped overnight. I started out at the Shadow Mountain Dam and followed the Continental Divide Trail to the Arapaho Bay Roaring Fork Campground. Lots of pretty flowers and the views were amazing, especially when I reached Knight Ridge. Pretty exhausted once I arrived at the campground.

Set up my tent, had some food, started a fire and read a couple of chapters from Peter Heller’s Celine. Stayed up till around 11 pm so I could check out the beautiful sky with all the stars above. Truly amazing night.


The rain and snow has finally stopped. this is a view from our room this morning. Hopefully it will begin to feel more like summer in GL.

Read, Walk, Hike, Repeat…

Alex and I have been in Grand Lake a little over 4 weeks and it’s been lovely. “What have you been doing?” you may ask? Well, let me tell you: read, walk, hike, repeat…read, walk, hike, repeat. You get the idea. I’ve been reading some pretty good books (click HERE to view my Goodreads.com site). I’ve been walking a minimum of 3 miles each day. And new for me this year, I’ve been trying to hike once per week. Below are some pics from my hike of the East Shore Trail. Good times! This coming week I’ll be doing a 1-night camp out at the Arapaho Bay-Roaring Fork Campground.