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I hope everyone got a bit of rest over spring break. I’m know that many of you work outside of school, but at least you didn’t have to read any juvenile delinquency chapters;) Last, week I traveled to the Upper Peninsula (UP) and spent the week at a cabin next to Lake Superior. We’ve been […]

I readily admit that I’m not a soccer fan. I don’t have any ill-will toward the sport; rather, I’ve just never followed it. So it may/may not be surprising to hear that a fan jumped out onto the field of a pro soccer game and punched one of the visiting players in the back of […]

This week’s story (click HERE for video) focuses on a professor who allegedly stole a drug formula from a student during a university research project. Apparently it was a creative formula as it is estimated to be worth upwards of 10 million in royalties. The professor claims that the formula was already under patent when […]

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